Preparing For 2010 Trip

October 14, 2010

Hello again!

It’s 2010 and we are about getting prepared for another trip to share the gospel and disciple Massai believers.  Our team will consist of me, Dr. Paul Borisuk, and Stephen House.  Yes … that Stephen House, the uber tax attorney of Family Wealth Management in Memphis, Tennessee.  This will be his first mission trip.

We are all prepared for another 10 days of storytelling.  If you want to know further about the ministry, please visit  I hope to continue updating our trip, depending on the internet connection, so please keep checking back.


Final Report

October 13, 2009

Today we have ended our mission. And the report is…God has been glorified. Pastor John Rampei gave us his testimony tonight during our devotional time. If I haven’t mentioned it already, at the end of the day, we gather together for a time of bible study and devotion. Tonight John gave us his story of how he came to salvation and his involvement with Calvary Road Ministry. His story reinforced to us the importance of follow-up discipleship. He also told us that he has received several calls already from pastors who attended our presentations, and how they were so happy that we came and taught them from God’s word. It has been a great encouragement to all of us that God is using our obedience to His glory here in Kenya.

Yesterday we went to the village of Olosho. There we discipled 52 people, plus children. We settled on our individual presentations after the second day of ministry. Dr. Paul covered a summary of Adam and Eve, the sacrifices of an unblemished lamb for the sins of Isreal, and the sacrifice of the perfect God-man, Jesus. I would go next and cover the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman, or like today, I would cover the Great Commission and teach people what is the gospel of salvation – sin, judgment, and grace – and then encourage them to go and teach others the Word of God. Tom would finish with a combination of the story of Jesus healing the paralytic, and the story of Jesus and the rich young ruler. He emphasized the importance of faith in ultimate salvation.

Today we went to the village of Moshoro and discipled 32 people. Right beside the church where we ministered, there was an elementary school where many of the young children came up to Tom and I. We were able to entertain them for over an hour and teach them a few English words and phrases. It was amazing to see how quickly they learned. The schoolchildren in Kenya learn both English and Swahili from the very beginning of their schooling.

KEEP CHECKING BACK ON THE BLOG in the next week or so as I am planning on posting some of the videos that I took during our time of ministry.

Thank you to EVERYONE!! for your prayers. It was very obvious that people had prayed for us on this trip and it gave all of us great encouragement. I was thankful that I stayed healthy the whole trip, except for one morning when I got nauseated from the car ride. Dr. Paul got sick for about a day and a half…all from drinking the chai. Tom was sick for only one night. I’m not really sure what it was from, but he was up the next morning doing ministry.

NEXT YEAR ==> We are planning on coming back next year. The dates are set already -> October 16-31. Please pray about joining the team next year, and see how God is working mightily through Calvary Road Ministry with the Masaai in Kenya.

Soopa Oling

October 10, 2009

Sorry for missing yesterday’s blog post. Yesterday I woke up feeling nauseated and after our trip to the village I went back to bed. I have not slept well during much of this trip, but thankfully it hasn’t affected the trip. Yesterday we went to a small village called Olopitidongoe. When we arrived at the village I talked to a young man by the name of Joel. Joel told me of how many in the village were saved and were going to church there in the village. Joel served as an elder in the church. Unfortunately, there were NO nyankusi believers in the village, and all of them refused to believe in Jesus, saying that Jesus was for women and children only. This situation is not uncommon in several Masaai villages, and is the exact reason why Calvary Road Mission exists – to bring the gospel to the Nyankusi through the witness of older men to the Nyankusi (who are all 70+ years of age).
God was greatly glorified that day. After we told the men the stories, 17 (!) men, ALL nyankusi, raised their hands to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This was the result of many years of prayers by those in the village that were already followers of Christ. The men listened intently to what was told them by all of us, but especially to Dr. Paul and Tom, since both are of the same age group. Through their testimony, God opened their eyes that the gospel was not only for the young, but also for the old.
What was also interesting that day was when Dr. Paul started his teaching – a group of 20 to 30 sheep nearby started to make a loud noise. After several minutes someone finally took the sheep out of their pen and led them away where they would no longer be a distraction. Almost immediately after they were led away and the noise quieted down, a group of cows from behind us…and I’m not kidding – it was immediately after the noise from the sheep quieted down – came up to the fence just behind where Dr. Paul was teaching. Each of these cows had a bell attached to it and all were making a loud racket. Again, another young boy was dispatched with a stick and escorted the cows to another area where they were no longer a distraction.
Today we went to a large boma in the village of Olooltrot. There we discipled 8 men and 16 women. It was a long ride, but the teaching and fellowship were good, and God was glorified in our efforts. I was thankful that I wasn’t nauseated today on the ride, which was a good thing because the car ride was particularly long. I realized that the reason I was sick yesterday was that I had taken Naproxen before I left, and I forgot the effect that medicine has on our stomachs.
We also visited Peter Karia’s church today. We will be going there tomorrow to worship. Tom will be preaching a message on something—he refuses to tell us. Again, we are able to give glory to God because just last year at this time we were praying that Peter would get a church. Now, he has one… and it already has 100 (!) members.
Please continue to pray for us as we serve our God in evangelizing and discipling the Masaai people. Also, PLEASE continue to pray for rain. By the way, “Soopa Oling” means..”Hello, I’m very good”.

A Lesson in God’s Sovereignty

October 8, 2009

Today was our best day. We went to a village called Oloirowua. Please don’t ask me to pronounce it. It took us only about a forty-five minute drive to get to the village. The village has a local church whose pastor is named Francis. Francis speaks English very well, and his wife is a teacher at a large primary school located just down the hill from the church. The church has 300 members, and if you could see the outlying village, you would understand that the large majority of the church’s members have to walk from 15 minutes to an hour to get to church on Sunday. And this is in the hot sun.

We were able to tell three stories to a group of 22 older men. Most of the men were Nyankusis. The Masaai divide their men by the stage of life where they are circumcised. Every 10 years or so, a new group of Masaai boys are circumcised, given a name to that group, and keep that name until their death. The group will share many things throughout their life with those of the same group. Last year the most Nyankusis we had in one group was three. So this was special. The Nyankusi carry tremendous power and influence in their village.

The men listened intently and we had a question and answer session for another 30 minutes. It was an excellent time of fellowship with other Christian men who had a genuine interest in hearing the word of God explained to them.

However, what really made the day special was a lesson we learned about God’s sovereignty. As we were driving up the dirt road to the church, I noticed a young boy from the school walking towards the church. He had his hand over his eye. A few minutes later several of the Masaai were talking to the boy and it was found that the young boy had been hit with a rock. Because the boy was not complaining of pain and there was no visible bleeding, just swelling, they were getting ready to send the boy back to school when Blaine Anderson walked up to the group, found out the problem, and suggested that Dr. Paul look at him. Dr. Paul looked at him and determined that the boy had a serious eye injury, and that if he didn’t get immediate attention from an eye specialist, he would lose his eye. Pastor Francis took the boy to a hospital located in a town approximately an hour away. We learned later this afternoon that he was admitted into the hospital and that Dr. Paul’s diagnosis was exactly correct – if he had not been taken to the hospital today, he would’ve lost his eye. Thankfully, they were able to get the needed medicine from Nairobi, and the boy’s prognosis is that he will be fine.

Isn’t God incredible? If we had gotten to that village just 5 minutes later, or if Dr. Paul had not been with us on this trip, this 6-7 year old boy would have lost his eye. It is humbling when you realize that God has put you in a position at the exact moment and place to make a difference.

Please continue to pray for us. And PLEASE pray for rain. One of the old men today told me that the drought was the worst he’s ever seen in his life. Many of the men in attendance today have lost all of their cattle, which is their wealth.

Thank you for your prayers. The team can tell that people are praying for us – so please keep it up.

Second Day – Karuka

October 6, 2009

Hello again. Today we went way up in the mountains to a small village by the name of Karuka. The elevation is estimated to be around 8,000 feet. It was still hot even though we were way up in the mountains. The surrounding were similar to being in the mountains of East Tennessee, except the land is much drier and there are far fewer trees. Nevertheless, we were able to share the gospel message to 24 people today, plus several small children. Many of them prayed the sinners prayer, so we can praise God for good success.

Everyone on the team is doing well and we are thankful that no one has gotten sick. It was good to see Peter today…if you remember from last year, we prayed that Peter would soon be able to start a church. That happened only a few months after we left last year. He now has 100 members (!) already in the small village of Enoopopon. Please pray for his church. We may get some ideas from him on church growth and bring back to the states with us.

Thanks to all for your continued prayers. Also, please continue to pray for the all the families of those on our team. We miss all of you.

First Day

October 5, 2009

Hello Again. I hope everyone had a good Lord’s day yesterday. Today we discipled 21 different men today. We had two groups of men that came to the house and we told them several stories in the yard. Both groups wanted to hear the story of Adam and Eve, and Dr. Paul gave good and extensive explanations of the story, along with why that story is so important in the story of our salvation and redemption. Tom told the story of Jesus healing the paralytic in Capernum in both sessions, while I shared the story of Joshua and Caleb in the first session, and the story of the trial of Jesus in the second session.

It is 4:45 in the afternoon now, and it has just beginninng to rain. Yesterday it rain as well. Unfortunately, it does not rain enough..only for a short period of time.

Thanks for all the prayers, and please continue to pray for us. Tomorrow we will probably leave the house and deliver food.

How to Reach Us by Phone

October 4, 2009

If you need to reach me or anyone else on the team, call us at 011-254-723-495-011. YES, those are all the numbers.

We Have Arrived

October 4, 2009

Paul, Tom and I have now arrived at our destination in Ntelele. We went to the park at Lake Nakuru and enjoyed our time there. It is helpful to to use this time to adjust our new sleeping schedules.

Tomorrow we go to a village.. the name of which I am not sure. We will be delivering much needed food to the people in the village. Kenya is suffering greatly from the drought. Please pray for rain. And pray again. It is badly needed. While there we plan on giving an evangelistic version of the storycloth so hopefully we will see many people saved.

Due to the connection of the internet here at Ntelele, I am not sure how often I will be able to update the blog. Please continue to pray for us as we visit villages and share the good news of the gospel to the Masaai people.

EDIT: Hall Crichton Draught—>Drought.

It’s Day of Departure

October 1, 2009

Today is the day we leave. I just got a call this morning (7:00 a.m.) from Blaine Anderson. He is already in Kenya. He told me to make sure we bring a light jacket as it’s cold. He also told me that on Monday we will be going to different places and delivering food. The drought in this area of Kenya has been very bad this year.  Actually it’s been bad for the last 5 years, according to this article in the New York Times.   Hopefully we will get to witness on-to-one with the people while we are there.

Please pray for us.

3 Days and Counting

September 28, 2009

Hello.  This is the first post, actually my first post.  I’m using this blog to keep folks updated on the Tri Cities Baptist Church trip to Kenya.  We are working alongside Blaine Anderson and Calvary Road Ministries to go to various bomas in the Narok District of Kenya and to tell the gospel message. Many of the people that we will be visiting have seen the storycloth before, so much of the work that we will do will involve telling only one story at a time in detail and explaining the biblical principles.  In other words, discipleship.   I’m also hoping that, maybe, we can get a chance to talk one-to-one with some of the Masaai and share the gospel with them as well.

The web site for Calvary Road Ministries can found here.  You can find more about the storycloth here.  You can go here to find out more about the Masaai.

The team will include me, Blaine Anderson, Tom Bandy and Paul Borisuk.

Please pray that hearts will be open to the gospel message and that we will speak wisely as we teach the stories and the Biblical principles to the Masaai people.

Also..let’s hope we can avoid this while we’re walking around:


Tom Bandy may want to visit with a few of his old friends: