3 Days and Counting

Hello.  This is the first post, actually my first post.  I’m using this blog to keep folks updated on the Tri Cities Baptist Church trip to Kenya.  We are working alongside Blaine Anderson and Calvary Road Ministries to go to various bomas in the Narok District of Kenya and to tell the gospel message. Many of the people that we will be visiting have seen the storycloth before, so much of the work that we will do will involve telling only one story at a time in detail and explaining the biblical principles.  In other words, discipleship.   I’m also hoping that, maybe, we can get a chance to talk one-to-one with some of the Masaai and share the gospel with them as well.

The web site for Calvary Road Ministries can found here.  You can find more about the storycloth here.  You can go here to find out more about the Masaai.

The team will include me, Blaine Anderson, Tom Bandy and Paul Borisuk.

Please pray that hearts will be open to the gospel message and that we will speak wisely as we teach the stories and the Biblical principles to the Masaai people.

Also..let’s hope we can avoid this while we’re walking around:


Tom Bandy may want to visit with a few of his old friends:



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