Second Day – Karuka

Hello again. Today we went way up in the mountains to a small village by the name of Karuka. The elevation is estimated to be around 8,000 feet. It was still hot even though we were way up in the mountains. The surrounding were similar to being in the mountains of East Tennessee, except the land is much drier and there are far fewer trees. Nevertheless, we were able to share the gospel message to 24 people today, plus several small children. Many of them prayed the sinners prayer, so we can praise God for good success.

Everyone on the team is doing well and we are thankful that no one has gotten sick. It was good to see Peter today…if you remember from last year, we prayed that Peter would soon be able to start a church. That happened only a few months after we left last year. He now has 100 members (!) already in the small village of Enoopopon. Please pray for his church. We may get some ideas from him on church growth and bring back to the states with us.

Thanks to all for your continued prayers. Also, please continue to pray for the all the families of those on our team. We miss all of you.


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