Final Report

Today we have ended our mission. And the report is…God has been glorified. Pastor John Rampei gave us his testimony tonight during our devotional time. If I haven’t mentioned it already, at the end of the day, we gather together for a time of bible study and devotion. Tonight John gave us his story of how he came to salvation and his involvement with Calvary Road Ministry. His story reinforced to us the importance of follow-up discipleship. He also told us that he has received several calls already from pastors who attended our presentations, and how they were so happy that we came and taught them from God’s word. It has been a great encouragement to all of us that God is using our obedience to His glory here in Kenya.

Yesterday we went to the village of Olosho. There we discipled 52 people, plus children. We settled on our individual presentations after the second day of ministry. Dr. Paul covered a summary of Adam and Eve, the sacrifices of an unblemished lamb for the sins of Isreal, and the sacrifice of the perfect God-man, Jesus. I would go next and cover the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman, or like today, I would cover the Great Commission and teach people what is the gospel of salvation – sin, judgment, and grace – and then encourage them to go and teach others the Word of God. Tom would finish with a combination of the story of Jesus healing the paralytic, and the story of Jesus and the rich young ruler. He emphasized the importance of faith in ultimate salvation.

Today we went to the village of Moshoro and discipled 32 people. Right beside the church where we ministered, there was an elementary school where many of the young children came up to Tom and I. We were able to entertain them for over an hour and teach them a few English words and phrases. It was amazing to see how quickly they learned. The schoolchildren in Kenya learn both English and Swahili from the very beginning of their schooling.

KEEP CHECKING BACK ON THE BLOG in the next week or so as I am planning on posting some of the videos that I took during our time of ministry.

Thank you to EVERYONE!! for your prayers. It was very obvious that people had prayed for us on this trip and it gave all of us great encouragement. I was thankful that I stayed healthy the whole trip, except for one morning when I got nauseated from the car ride. Dr. Paul got sick for about a day and a half…all from drinking the chai. Tom was sick for only one night. I’m not really sure what it was from, but he was up the next morning doing ministry.

NEXT YEAR ==> We are planning on coming back next year. The dates are set already -> October 16-31. Please pray about joining the team next year, and see how God is working mightily through Calvary Road Ministry with the Masaai in Kenya.


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